CIQ provide general and vocational qualifications which engage people of all ages and explicitly grow skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life. We provide qualifications in all major subjects and currently offers more than 50 courses at various levels.

Our purpose is to work in partnership with training and delivery partners worldwide to provide qualifications that enable all learners to reach their full potential and to recognise and celebrate their achievements. CIQ formally recognises the learning outcomes – knowledge, skills and/or competences of a learner by issuing awards, certificates or diplomas, following an assessment and validation procedure.

CIQ has collaborated with organisations involved in publishing, providers of support materials, providers of technology that supports education, those involved in supporting and developing the teaching profession.

The range of our services include:

  • Curriculum Design and Development
  • Assessment Design and Development
  • Comprehensive Resource Materials
  • Professional Development and Support
  • Learning Potential Enhancement Programs
  • Quality Assurance Framework
  • Customised Accreditation

CIQ provides support to thousands of students through their accredited centers worldwide, supervises the moderation procedures for all its courses, and develops new curriculum programmes along with resources in response to the needs of the learners.

We offer comprehensive training program to all teachers delivering our qualifications. This includes face-to-face training courses led by subject specialists and useful tools such as Exam Review and Results Analysis.

CIQ offers a wide choice of activity-based curriculum programmes focused on skills development, for young people aged 3 -19 over a range of timescales, from 10 to 180 hours, that can be used in mainstream and alternative educational settings with learners at a range of levels. More flexible than qualifications, these programmes offer imaginative ways of developing, recording, and certificating young people’s achievements.

Customised Accreditation is the process by which CIQ accredits a programme being offered or written by another organisation. We offer a bespoke arrangement to provide certificates to reward learners’ achievement.

Customised Accreditation provides:

  • ‘Added value’ to existing programmes, courses or initiatives
  • Curriculum endorsement by an internationally recognised awarding organisation
  • An incentive for learners to engage with programmes
  • Recognition of learners’ contributions.

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